07 September 2010

My process : making two elephant cushions for my sister who once said she loved them and who know owns nearly all of Melbourne's elephant ornaments  (well Im sure she feels like that sometimes).

I searched around for an elephant picture I was happy with.

I bought two really nice European style pillow cases ready made from Kmart.

I CANT find the pattern but I do recall the design I wanted had plant life fabric behind the elephant cut in a circle shape.  Im sticking with this.

**Im still getting to this project but I am going to embroider some skin lines on the elephant.  And Im going to hand quilt around the elephant and the lines of the plants /leaves.  I will needleturn the circle of fabric to each cushion once all the work is done... to hide any thread tales etc. This is one UFO I want to finish but also want to take my time over.  I really want her to love the cushions.

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