07 October 2012

 hook books

You know there are probably millions of books, millions of hard cover books, good reads, that sit in op shops in Australia and are never opened.  Often if you buy an obscure book and sit down and read it... it turns out to be quite a treasure.  So many really really good stories.

So ages ago.... I thought... wouldnt it be great for these books to be put to use and that is how my hook book idea began.  At first I chose books that had great covers.  I thought I could easily dispose of the guts of the book.  But as I held the books and looked at their stories.... I thought... wouldnt it be great for the people who used them to hold their craft tools... to have some of the story too.  It might even open up a new author for a person who loves reading.

So my first book that Im making into a hook book is : an impossible marriage by Pamela Johnson

The pages are taking a bit to decorate and make.  But if you would like to know something of the story in this book please use the tag "book review".

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