14 April 2015

The "adult" thing to do.

After a round of phone calls yesterday I feel all therapy sessions and assessments are really a waste of time!  At the end of the day Samuel wasnt red flagged as being on the Autistic spectrum in prep by the school psychologist and now he is too old to get some financial help.  Our school doesnt participate in the ABA therapy and Boneo primary is full.  It costs $6000 a term.  The lady said many parents downsize, move, take out their superannuation.  I cant believe what Im hearing.

So if we look at it logically the $1000 Im spending on therapists to diagnose Samuel will get me a piece of paper that will allow the school to apply for funding to get an aide for some hours for Samuel.  Will this aide be trained to work with the sensory and anxiety issues that Samuel has?  Knowing the education department as I do... I doubt it.  So why spend the money?

Well the world at large demands that we have a diagnosis on paper.

As Samuel goes into the teen years (heaven help me) I think we are going to need some help to get him into routines around hygiene and help him with friends and school.  But is a 1/2 hour visit once a fortnight or once a month going to help?  Especially if 6 hours a week at a cost of $6000 a term is what other kids have?

So we will get the all the testing done..  But in the short term Im not going to take him to a psychologist.  Im going to find out everything I can and help him myself.  Im going to need to pay later.  But Im not going to make someone else rich at the moment.

This might sound like a really unwise move.  But honestly... if you watched these professionals test Samuel.... they make demands of him and the tests are so long.  Ok one point of view is that weaknesses will show up.  But he crumples in about five minutes!  And then after that I dont feel they are seeing really what he knows and what he can do.  Because they are so rushed and he is on his own train ride of stress and refusal.  Really?  In all that mix of high anxiety and NOT performing.... they can charge me a couple of hundred for a report?  They dont even spend enough time with him to know him.  And everyone says these kids are all so different.  Its chaos in the room.  What can they know about him?

If you search and search and get past all the "parent therapy" session blogs.... there is some scientific research and methods to help available.  It takes time to find it.  But it is there.

I dont know what shifted for Samuel last night.  It is this NOT understanding how he feels and thinks that is the mystery that I feel will never be solved for me.  Anyway he did heaps of homework.  I wonder why?  Honestly... what changed for him?

We are bathed by 7.30pm, in bed by 8.00pm and asleep by 10pm.  Its a long night.  Maybe I need some "Im in bed" things for him to do.  I dont want him to just "get up".  But if he honestly takes time to relax and get to sleep.... maybe there are some particular quiet things that he can do so he doesnt climb all over me for two hours!

Is there anything else that life has in store for me?  Any more great sins that I need to do penance for?  Load me up.

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