28 April 2015

Which life?

This week a lovely lady in another country was frustrated by local government over a public showing of a documentary piece on DIY repairs.  It brought home to me our generous freedoms that we enjoy in Australia.  But also, as I went through my day, culminating with a knock at the door, "police", I started wondering what exactly we do with our freedom.

Yes the kids had a 20 second shouting match over a piece of Kit Kat.  Yes I know.  Unbelievable isnt it?  And the new neighours, well Im just guessing, exercised their rights to call the boys in blue.  

Why are young people still at home at 18 and 20?  Why are they not motivated from a younger age to at least get a part time job?  No.  Im not wearing this one.  Ive always lived a strong work ethic.  And they have always had to do without because it is an expensive world out there.  So this one is down to them.  And Im looking at the society we live in with its message of freedom.

No matter what you think of me the facts are there.  Young people are not motivated generally to go get a job and get out of home.  Frankly I think it is me who is going to have to get a full time job and leave : again!  LOL

What about the neighbours?  It is just sad that they say hello when they first move in and want to know everything about your living situation.  But that is the end.  They dont continue to get to know you.  If they did perhaps they would come on over and say hello instead of dialling 000.  It was just a bit of shouting for less than half a minute.  Samuel alone could wake the dead.  They dont get to know you.  They dont care that while they are burning their tree prunnings in their fire they are filling up your house with acrid smoke that gives you a headache every afternoon.  They have freedoms.  Especially because they own their home and I rent.  They have freedoms.

Each day I come across people who dont want their freedoms.  Dont want to speak out, dont want to vote, dont want to vote with plenty of knowledge of the candidate, dont want to buy well, dont want to send a message to Kmart or Coles, dont want to protest.  

This weekend marked the 100 yr since the ANZACs went to fight for their country.  In the first 100 years of Australia's history there were plenty of people marching, getting informed, speaking up and voting for major changes.

This week Charlotte found some stories of Cubans getting really DIY and inventive because the country was left without engineers, just for one thing, after USA left the country.  When you look into it Cuba was left hungry and without experts, new imports of equipment and basic needs.  So they got together and got creative.  They made things and they grew their food.

Is it going to take a really bad situation to make us really live our freedoms?  Is a young person going to hit rock bottom with depression or perhaps enjoy a ride in a police car before the young people in this house are motivated to really appreciate their lives?  I dont know what it will take to move adults in this area to be neighbourly.  And what about the community in general?  Australia for that matter.  What is it going to take for us to find some spirit like the early Aussies and speak out?  There are so many things that we should be fighting for.

High on my agenda is changing the status quo of the woman of the house having to do all the food shopping and cooking.  Seriously? 2015 and we still are in charge of the chores?

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