24 July 2017

Our house

Moving is going to be a little more complicated than usual.  Although not as insane as moving a new born and two kids from QLD to Vic.

It is over 3,000 from Melbourne to the wheat belt of W.A.  Lucky for us it has great coastal scenery.  A week of travelling should do it.  I hope the dog survives.

Even in country W.A. the house prices are climbing and I really didn't know of all the hidden costs that are involved in buying a house.  It isn't just a matter of having your bank loan and 20%.  There are solicitor fees and building inspection fees and then there are rates until June next year!  And we haven't even paid for the house yet.

We will be lucky to get there and have enough money to furnish the house.

We do feel very very lucky to be able to buy a home.  And we are all committed to making the house and the garden warm and beautiful and a real home to all of us.  Something we have needed for ever.

One special part of our house will be the internal fence and gate that will set off Samuel's room.  More photos when we land but here is the inspiration.

06 June 2017

Collecting sea water for eco dyeing on a very cold day

I discovered last year that sea water encourages naturally bright yellows from our local wattle flowers.  I have many yellow flowers here this year and so off we went to collect some sea water for some more flower colour eco dyeing experimenting.

28 May 2017

Getting ready to go

She might be 16 years old but she has a lot of new stuff.  The important stuff like battery and tyres.  Her interior and brakes are in great condition and she only has 167,000 km on the clock.  And she is my fav colour : blue.

21 September 2016


Baking Today

Im busy running back and forward to help Sam.  He has a chest infection.  Exhausted and upset. The doctor has put him on steroids, antibiotics and panadol.

I need a distraction for the inbetween time.  He is driving me a little nuts..... even though Im happy to look after him.  LOL  He is 9 years old.  But he keeps on saying the sickness has to leave now.  He has had enough.

So Ive made dozens of sausage rolls

AND now on to marmalade cakes.

It is rewarding and not too time consuming.

And I found this great blog with conversion "everything"..... that is the tough thing for me.  Trying out recipes from all over the place and NOT being sure of what the conversions are.

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