30 November 2008

Back to work.....

oh yeah pictures are coming...... why am I so intent on making this entire border production such a time consuming, fabric consuming, challenge?

I gotta stop looking at things through my left eye..... gonna start wearing a pirate's eye patch (Im sure Samuel has one somewhere) and getting a different view! what am I talking about exactly? I decided to do a patchwork celtic knot, waited and waited for the perfect fabric to arrive in the mail and I have 1/2 metre too little.... so Ive figured it all out but I even lost the train of thought on the way and had to have my 14 yr old girl pull my brain back to the station! (very long suffering... luv come and tell me what you think?)

I had to cut a little piece out of my sensational waterfall piece... I just needed 1 1/4 x 4 x 8 of something.... and that thank god works. It has browns and blues and purples and creams..... actually Im glad I locked it away and only went to that place in state of desperation because otherwise it works perfectly and I might have cut half of it up and saved the agony.... no no cant do that. It is too sensational to cut up into 1 1/4 inch strips! slap

I gotta go Ive got too many irons in the fire and dont want things to get out of control. OMG R U ROFLYAO? me too!

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