25 November 2008

The poll ... from LiveJournal

I need to get back into university and use my spare time for good instead of evil.

This might be a riot.... thought I would cross post. It is the results of a little poll I put together.

This was a totally scientific poll which 7 participants answering a wide range of clear cut sociological based questions. The results were not anticipated and are extremely worrying to this Virgo who to coin a phrase, likes coffee with her oxygen. I have grabbed some clothes, pushed aside the vodka bottles, to bring this report to you.

A huge 57% dont believe in Santa Claus, dont anticipate a gift, nay dont enjoy Christmas and the big holidays.

Potentially.... a wopping 57% (the same people?) will live their last day on earth wishing they HAD made a list of what they would like to achieve in their lifetime.

Most of these fantasy free, totally realistic people however, are adventurous enough to sample weird and wonderful meats, some of which are national symbols. Perhaps with the knowledge that they have strong bodies with all those antioxidants from all the tea they drink yep 71% tea drinkers. Who knew? Well yeah we knew.... this is why Im not friends with you people LOL

I guess sitting on the porch isnt the same as sitting on the fence... but the writer is disappointed that 85% would sit on the fence(sorry)porch in the heat watching the rain fall. That doesnt leave many of us dancing now does it?

You certainly dont have to have any alcohol to be high on life. But further studies might be needed to clear up whether this lack of high spirited=ness has anything to do with the fact that 3 out of 4 people said they would reach for something non alcoholic on a hot day.

100% stated they had no preference (men or women) as friends. Well I lied (sorry it was a "control" vote) did you?

Thank you to everyone who participated.

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