24 November 2008

The kids....

Well Charlie has her heart on her new guitar and she still wants her cello..... oops mummy bought the cello before the guitar (why oh why do her friends water down her enthusiasm.... new rule in my new world in my next life.... no friends LOL)

Thomas is being good. Lovely kind attitude..... something is wrong.

Samuel .... wow my delightful 2 yr old has turned 3 recently and now we have tantrums that I never saw coming. Sorry little man but Im an old mummy and Ive got not problem in scooping you up and giving you a good tickle or smack.... whichever fits. No he isnt too bad... but he cant graduate from hitting his head on the floor to hitting it on the walls. Nope... not having that. Im sure his lack of words give him frustration but I give him heaps of words to try and help him express and I just keep taking him away from the floor and walls. He isnt really that kind of text book baby it is just that his vocab is letting him down when it comes to emotions. Mind you Im not worried one little bit because his general vocab gets better every day.

On the flip side he kicks a ball and catches a lot of the time. He is pasting and play doh - ing and drawing. He knows some of his letters and he can count a little bit. He is so cute. Oh and we need to rotate the books. Aunties.... any more books coming our way.... we have read all of ours.... preloved books I mean well of course.

Have finally shaken off the health scare from last week and Im bouncing around juggling housework, "drink" (that's Thomas), mum poo (Thomas too ... no just joking that's Sam), (yes Ive tried toilet training but we arent quite there yet) outdoor housework and everything else.

Im finishing off strawberry patch embroidery and Ive got patchwork all over the dining room. Yep Im really really happy.

Here is a crochet pattern Im trying for my sister's baby (arrival mid December)... Im making in white. The baby patterns on the internet were so boring to I found this stitch and Im making up my own size and then will add a tiny edging later.

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