28 July 2008

.... it's like, well as a child did you ever go into a game of Monopoly and you really really wanted to win? You had watched how the winner plays and you thought.. yep... this time Im not going to get annihilated. This time Im gonna do it. And what happened?... quicker than ever you were the loser.

Well that's what it has been like. It is the most ironic twist as only life can dish out... that a person who only wanted to find someone to love them back... would end up in her mid forties totally alone. Well you have to remember the Monopoly thing... I mean when you get into life that hard and totally will walk on fire to love and protect that love... and yep.... you get nothing in the end.. well that screams volumes... about something. Not sure one could ever actually put it all into words.

And while Richard was dancing on the screen having his mid life crisis... and after 1/2 a box of tissues... one thing became clear. I gotta change my mindset when I go into a game and I will never learn ballroom dancing. Yes, yes, that's two things. Hey.... Ive plenty to get clear!

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