01 September 2008

Feeling positive and motivated..... delusional old age mental state??? RFLMAO

Spring is here.... first morning in forever that we dont need the heater on.

Going bike riding today - yes me too. Picnic at the park, kick the ball around and take some photos.

Sunday seems to be the day when some homemade stuff is required. Im stretching myself to soup and getting some jellies into the fridge. Made biscuits yesterday. Well what can I say.... I hate the kitchen.

Sam : "me door there" (he hit somewhere on the door frame)

He is saying "arlotte" and "arlie" and heaps and heaps. I love "blah blah me!" which is dont hit me (the kids get him going..... no its not me).

He is just so so so cute & yummy. Tom number 2... now dont go ruining my joy.

find out how to thread the sewing machine - tension screw at back... go figure
cards cards and more cards.... I love miniture
my scarf and Sam's jacket..... Im just not hooked on the pattern.... but should finish it
brick quilt top for Sam

Housework. Nah thats not a project.... thats a ball & chain

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