17 December 2008

One thing at a time.....

See the ant over there? I never realised he was walking sideways.... I should have taken the shot differently.... with everything in the garden at the moment I am wondering what was so great about the moth wing that he just HAD to carrying it up the steps. Oh well. Ant business I guess.

Well i suppose there has to be ONE good thing about getting really really old LOL!! And here it is. While part of you is in a huge panic because of everything you have to get achieved in the next 5 days..... old age is telling you that one step at a time you can do it!!!

If I could just really crack the lion's mane..... Im off to get a few more fabrics today. Im not sure whether to do it solid, strips, ..... its a bit cheesy to try and buy fabric that looks like lion hair and just put a wig on..... LOL There has to be some way I can manipulate all the gold and brown I have.... to make his hair appear!!

Shopping list today:

invisible thread, quilt permanent marker (for the quilt label), binding fabric, better hand sewing needles, iron on stuff (name?) and disappearing act stuff (name?) see..... old age is a shocker.

Im also buying myself a few treats today...... like some new pj s and other bits and pieces that are a bit boring.... but it is nice to be able to get myself a Christmas present!!!

**Its raining again.... which is good..... and bad. Ok good. I suppose I can justify NOT mowing the back lawn if it is nice and wet!

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