29 December 2010

Sketchbook challenge.  I just couldnt wait until 1st January and decided to start once I had bought myself a sketchbook.
No.4 Our Park Road Rosebud.  I had to adjust the photo so we could see the lines.  

Guinea Pig,  Really sad that this one escaped into our yard and cant be found.  Its really faint.  I have to play with my camera if these sketches are going to show up. p.s. we found her under the fridge safe and sound.

28/12/2010 Remembering rejection.
December is terrible.  Its the month we lost mum, we struggle with Christmas, I had a lot of questions about textile creations.  I got lost between the angry private emails sent to me and the support of the main group.  I was labelled the troll.  Probably came across as one.  Honestly?  just wanted to know everything a bit too fast I think.

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