24 September 2012

A morning of sleet and rain... followed by sunshine / sleet / rain.... freezing cold!!

I got into the car to do some banking... Peter presented me with a serve of perfectly hot yummy soup... spoon too.... I got to eat and get warm on the way there.

He has booked me a space in a new shop here... called "Once Upon a Time".  No pressure but the things Ive been making better get themselves finished really really soon!!!

He is either insane, has a brain tumor or he has faith in me.  Perhaps a bit of all three.  It is a lot of pressure really... Im not sure I have that much faith in me.  I think Im just tired and very very cold.  My sewing room is on the back verandah which has been really wet, windy and cold today.  Perhaps I'll feel better here near the heater.

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