03 September 2012

Ive 12 days to make a heap of things to sell at our vintage market.  No pressure LOL.

So Ive decided to make one thing every day and post it here even if it isnt finished.  Im limiting myself to 6 hours sleep.  Im going to do the housework before I go to bed so once the boy is off to school I can sew sew sew.

Of course..... there are going to be hiccups.  Wednesday this week the teachers are out on strike.  Hiccup number 1.

Here is my challenge list for the next two weeks.

1. a tree quilt for a single bed
2. an adult's apron
3. a cushion cover
4. a doll's quilt
5. a needle book
6. shoe stuffers
7. Christmas angel
8. whale
9. big bad wolf
10. Christmas tree skirt
11. adult screen (room divider) cover
12. child screen (room divider) cover
13. covered and embroidered coat hangers
14. fabric puff coasters
15. appliqued european pillow cases

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