30 September 2012

One of the great challenges of running your own business, from home, would have to be plugging your brain in and out of what the family are doing / require of you.  Some days it is easier than others to jump from wearing a mother's hat to wearing the work hat.  Sometimes I get really frustrated at how slow I am to get back into the sewing / creating frame of mind.... and I decide that it will be productive to get up at around 3am and in the peace and quiet sew sew sew.  This can be great.  It always means Im falling asleep in the chair by 5pm.  How to juggle outside, inside, kids, meals and emergencies.  It's a dilemma.  One thing that I always have to remember : a couple of hours dedicated to housework or the kids will absolutely mean that I work more efficiently when I do get back to it.  It is the usual deal : when you take a break from concentrating intensely on one thing... you do so much better when you get back to it.  The trouble is.... the kids / house / lawns.... can make you think you can be away from work for a couple of hours but before you know it another day is gone.

I will be so so glad when Peter and I share a house.  It will be great for the kids to have another adult to help them and talk to them..... often it is just something small that with another adult in the house.... I can stay working and it will be dealt with. 

I guess Im making some notes here.... because Im close to filling my obligations, so close to having enough items in the two stores Peter has paid for.... but Im not quite there yet.  And while he is being gracious and not pressuring me.... I still feel pressure.... from myself.  I am close to feeling like a failure.  But I will keep on working at it and NOT let myself be disappointed.  If anything has slowed me down it is just mother commitments and needing to keep value in the things I make.  Im sure, like most cottage industry people, Id rather NOT having slap dash things in store.... far better to be a day or even a week late than offer for sale items that are just awful or even just not as well as I can make them.  

At times like this the kids seem naughtier, less helpful than normal, more demanding, so so loud!!!!  It's just the need to keep working Im sure.  No... let's face it LOL they feel neglected and they dont care that Im nearly finished... they want mum or lunch or clean clothes.... RIGHT NOW!!!

I CAN DO THIS!!!  I can have it all.   Hopefully.

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