01 November 2012

Some of the bits n pieces Im using to decorate my seaside hook book.  I left the coaster there on the table because gallons of coffee go into every creation LOL  Ive taken out my first pics because they were too repetitive.... I think progress photos from this step on will be better.  I really love this hook book!

Second pic : for the needle book Im stacking some shell shapes.
Second pic : I lost the shell shape when I stuffed it for a pin cushion... but then I "quilted" and added runs of beads and now the shell shape is coming along nicely.  Ive some tiny "real" shells and sand to sew at the bottom.
Second pic : my crochet hook holder page is coming along nicely.  Will people want more than 6 or 7 hooks here?  I have so many crochet hooks... should I make another page?  Im just not sure... and Im not sure if I have another page in my brain to create.  Im using Tunisian crochet inside out to make the sea garden hook holders.

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