15 February 2015

I cant imagine a world without books, hand written letters and beautiful stamps.

It was interesting but not unexpected that "studies show" that holding a real book, looking at ink on paper and turning real pages are all good for our health and if you are night time reader.... beneficial to a good night's sleep.

This is all very good news for people who love books.  The real thing books.  Dust jackets or just dust.... and all.  It is great news for libraries.  It is good news for book shops.

I reckon an extension of books are letters.  Our person to person hand written letters with a stamp and all.  It is my mission this year to promote hand written letters.

I dont think we need to participate in a study to find a quick list of the benefits of hand writing a letter.  But to do it properly, to do it so that as many people as possible benefit, I think there needs to be a couple of rules.

1. Always use a real stamp.  Who are we helping?  Why stamp collectors of course.

2.  Write the letter in your own hand writing or at the very least sign the letter by hand.
3.  Include a lovely addressed envelope.
4.  Freely include pressed flowers and the like.  Locks of hair or glittery plastic stickers and stars.... no they dont really go with the purity of ink on paper.

So who is going to benefit from a proudly presented and neatly written, heart felt letter?  Well initially the person writing it.  Then the person receiving it.  Then.... well down the track who knows.  We do know that many letters have been kept and then surprisingly found... revealing much about the people and the time when they were written.  SO much love and passion along with historical facts have been revealed because people wrote and kept letters.  Our books and museums would be the poorer if people had not taken the time to write, read and keep the letters that kept them connected.

Today I came across a blog.... this lady makes books out of collections of letters.  The link is here.  The image that follows is hers..... go take a look.  How are we ever going to glean all the important stuff from letters if they arent written?  How are we going to make beautiful keepsakes that reflect a person's life if we dont write, read and keep real, ink on paper, letters.

Pick up your pen and write a letter to someone today.

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