24 February 2015

We are so lucky!


Samuel has been diagnosed high functioning autistic.  I am very grateful that mostly this seems to involve communication in all its forms, fine motor skills and anxiety when routines change, expectations change, loud noises (like school carnivals) occur.

Im very grateful that he can appear to be a very normal 9 year old.  Im very grateful that with some further investigation and then some learning and counselling.... he should have an ok life.

Today I found a turtle.  (No not a sea turtle... but arent the babies cute?)

So Samuel is getting lots of help.  And Samuel has a turtle.  His asthma is improving.  Last night he slept some hours quietly.  A big change.

I will have some money soon.... there are iron tablets waiting.  Appointments with speech and OT people.  Im feeling like everything will be alright.

And like I said.  Im very grateful that he can run, read, laugh, enjoy Ninja turtles!!!

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