19 March 2015


Well Autumn has arrived!  It's much cooler.  The washing takes a bit longer to dry.  I'm reaching for a jumper ... but still it warms up and I can take it off later in the day.

I love Autumn.  I love Spring too.  The in-between seasons that are comfy and kind of let you enjoy the best of two seasons.  It's nice to have the summer crowds gone.  I miss the beach.  Samuel still insists we go... but he is reluctant to go in.  Even though we have recently bought a wetsuit.  He wears that thing day in day out.  I suppose remembering that he loves a swim.

We are doing lots of medical appointments for Samuel this week.  I have to drive to Mornington today.  OMG!  It's ok.... breathe!

I'm closer to having the whole house shuffled, reorganised and running like a well oiled machine (excuse the cliche).  But when is the sewing and making going to happen?  Always so much to do with the house and the kids.  Still.... I'm cooking two meals at a time to try and get OUT of the kitchen every other day.  The washing is up to day well isn't that amazing?  The garden doesn't look too bad.

I'm kind of still thinking I can sew to make a living (modest one).  I'm kind of keeping my ears open about jobs going.  I'm still nervous and if a job came up... something like... 4 mornings a week... Id probably turn traitor, jump ship and get employed!!

I do take courage from my friend who has started an occasional care center.  She got approved yesterday.  She had an idea, a talent, and went for it.  It has taken her a lot of time, energy, a few nice people including me :) to jump on her happy train and help.  But at the end of the day it was her determination and perseverance.  I have some of that.... so I'll keep moving in the general direction.

I finally found an op shop where I could buy t-shirts for next to nothing.  Hool-a-hoop mats here we come!  Hopefully Saturday will see 4 or 5 ladies willing to give it a go.  Must look up how wide to cut the strips.... should be fun although how many t-shirts exactly do you need to make one?  Does anyone really know?

I'm grateful today for my son who has taken the initiative and has completed an entire weeks work without me!  I'm grateful for the friendshp of my daughter.  I'm grateful that Samuel is high end functioning and not much much worse... for his sake and mine too.

I'm hopeful for great outcomes from these appointments.  It is very tiring trying to keep a partner happy while a child is bouncing off walls.  And if I'm the only one trying to understand and support Samuel it sounds like I'm letting him get away with stuff.  It sounds like I'm pandering to him.  I hope these appointments will help Samuel and me understand routine and discipline so we can tighten that up a bit.  He is a very good boy most of the time.  I'm very grateful for the "most of the time".

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