04 January 2016

Writing more this year

I really love photo blogs but this year holds such promise that I think I will allow myself to keep note of regular events and hopefully keep note of some unexpected and surprising events too.

Wow the crowds that come visiting this end of the Mornington Peninsula are getting bigger!  Tents and every kind of caravan poised all along the foreshore.  And insane traffic.  So many people in our small shopping center.  Makes you wonder if they even have shops in Melbourne.  Our shops really dont hold big ranges of anything.... and yet each holiday season all these people gather trolley loads of stuff.  And this isnt just food.  In fact Im guessing most of it isnt food.  So how do they have the room in their cars and vans to take it all home again?

Im sorting through my fabric and coming up with 4 different baby boy quilts.  A lot of loving some fabrics and thinking .... "what did I ever buy that for?" for thankfully not too many others.

Second hole in Samuel's wall.  SIGH   Luckily Ive had to fill a hole before... paid over $200 for one small patch.... this time around I know what to do and will save some money.  Now to get Samuel some coping tactics so we dont have more.  Will be securing an appointment with Monash Hospital for ongoing counselling.  Hope to be able to get in.  Feeling very alone with this Autistic thing again.

Organised bank account way over due.  Now to organise a savings plan, reorganise my business, tax file number and another uni degree to organise.

Creative work this week : crochet, blouse, pants, 4 quilts, another quilt.  Well that will do....but there is knitting a shawl and finding an elusive crochet pattern.

Grey windy day but kind of pockets of warmth.... enough that you feel you are wanting more fresh air and certainly clothes are an option LOL

Making lists.  SO important to achieve today, this week, this month, this year.

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