23 July 2016

Talking about the homeless....

A friend called the current homeless situation in Melbourne “a plague”. 

I was taken aback.  Why would he refer to human suffering this way?  The other side of my brain went into overdrive;  Camus’ “La Peste” (the plague).  I downloaded the novel and read it again.  I had the uneasy feeling that he might have used exactly the right words.
Camus comments that man is never prepared for the disasters that befall him.  Asks his readers : are these disasters the consequence of man going against some part of nature, or do bad things just happen?

What is your response?  Do you blame the homeless man (the one) or society (the many)?  Is it simply unfortunate or a penance for bad choices?  

Are you able to look away and continue with your business?  Do you trust that the authorities will act?  Do you think they will assume there is nothing they can do?

Human nature stops us humans from eradicating inequality ... there is no hope of protecting all humanity from the plague... but the lack of hope cannot be a reason to do nothing.

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