13 August 2008

This wasnt my favorite to start with but I like it now that I got hold of a black & white idea. Honestly I tore out a piece of black art folio paper (and felt guilty because it is a book I never let myself tear pages out of .... and I looked at the holes with guilt... and then a light bulb moment)

the new challenge is finishing ideas for 8 cards with I think it is "Treat me like a queen"

Im thinking of doing a comic strip or a commercial strip and then the 8 will belong to a set

Yep... "out there"

Getting back to light bulb moments.... any clue as to how Im gonna get 3 bulbs into a light fitting about 3 ft out of my reach after I get up on the tallest piece of furniture I own?

what? what was that? oh, my husband. Yeah well you have a sense of humour!! good on you

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