22 August 2008

.... well it continues

OMG yesterday and today are moving far beyond the normal limits of time and are merging and converging threatening to make an entire week one of the most "shoot myself in the foot" weeks of all time

what was that? did the heater man come. No. Yes Ive spoken to the real estate. Any other questions?

fricken supermarket.... never shopping there again. Yes Im pathetic but Im never shopping there again. Isnt it bad enough that I had to walk brand new bike home from bike shop (NO IM NOT going to count that it was "no charge" because it should have been something and it makes me feel like "pathetic") "Oh miss, you cant leave the bike in front of the fire hose incase we have a fire". OMG you dont know how much I wish you would have a fire. AND if you didnt use every inch of the shop front as a storage for your stupid beer... and cans of soft drink.... boxes that should be "out the back".... then perhaps we would have a place to put our pram, new bike doing everything on our own need help situation.

oh dont get me started that if we didnt have people in the world in general who without blinking would just walk off with the $300 bike NO I dont care Mr supermarket man that this isnt your problem. YES im gonna get a chain for her bike and park it in future (when I have to walk it for repair all by my self with baby in tow) at the bike rack thingo. Nice possy for some key to scrap some lovely blue / silver paint off.

girls. Have a short sharp conversation about making phone credits last. Well approx 3 hours wasnt what I had in mind.

nearly 3 yr olds. Know too much if you ask me. They simply have too many options.

NOPE Im not thinking about Dad being in surgery today. DO YOU WANT TO FINISH ME OFF COMPLETELY?

Oh and the fabric I rushed down the street to pay for last week for my centre piece SO excited. She lives in country WA. It takes 1 - 1 1/2 weeks because it is coming by road.


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