18 October 2008

Saturday, sunny, 21 degrees, getting ready to go to Melbourne

Woke up to a sunny day and the lawns are done! (well yes I got energetic last night)

Sam in a really happy mood helping me by reading his books while I make the beds.

Ive swept out the back room and the back verandah area. I can feel I am very close to having the house ready for "show throughs" after we come home from Melbourne.

Im a bit confused by getting a negative reaction to my posting about my centre block. I am glad though that because of a dear friend Ive found excitement in considering other people's perspectives. It is fascinating to me how we think we are both looking at a the same thing but infact we are considering different points of view.

A huge lesson in my life is to actually read the words. Yes the voice is missing over the internet blogging system. But the clear words are there and if someone is articulate enough to state clearly a point of view, then I should only hear the words. Its not fair to add my own words. Perspective - variable, words - fairly specific.

working on: two round robins, a christmas quilt, ATCs snowmen, charms, pandas

cravings today: neck massage

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