30 October 2008

We leave at 6.30am tomorrow. The house is cleaned from top to bottom. Just have to pack. Oh and try to get the kids into bed at a reasonable hour.

Charlie is trying to fit in as much friend time as possible... Thomas is making sure his alarm is set and he is showered with plenty of clean clothes. Ah my anal retentive clean freak! Hope some of it rubs off onto his sister eventually .... she is a girl... isnt she?

Fingers crossed our house is safe while we are away. I dont like leaving our stuff but at the end of the day we are going away to help family and what we are leaving is only possessions... dont get much back if you try and hug them!!

Im taking an art course book with me and while I mind the kids... Im gonna do some drawing. Ha! let's see what a bad student I am.

Ive had a couple of rough days trying to let go of a special project I was proud of initiating. It's ok. The most important thing is that I love people and I love to sew. Everything will fall into place.

Oh did I tell you? only 1 yr and 11 months till I get to be Mrs. so and so.

OK.... you up off the floor.... wanna tissue for those tears of laughter?

It's all Ive wanted for 20 years. Wonder how I ever talked myself into feeling ok with NOT getting the guy. Nope. Im not ok with it.

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