28 October 2008

To Do List..

Post out christmas ATCs
Finish 3 round robin borders (another is on its way omg)
Cut out more christmas blocks
Select new baby quilt block patterns
Set in blocks and quilt table runner for fundraiser
Work out designs for 1/2 dozen heart needle books
Find or design a half decent crochet baby layette (good god they are ugly)

Done & Dusted:
Brushed down front outside of the house..... sneaky spiders
Raked nature strip and front yard
dishes done
beds made
played heaps with Samuel
cleaned the bathroom
culled unfriendly craft groups... yep they do exist

My darling man often comments that I should write a book and Ive been thinking about it for years. Wouldnt it be the ultimate irony if I wrote a book and got it published. Irony plus miracle if it sold!!! You know stranger things have happened.

People on blog sites all over have been talking about ownership of everything from short stories to photos. It seems there is a disclosure kind of clause in all or most blogging site agreements (you tick a box when you sign up) that basically puts everything you post in their hands. It cancels out any confidentiality or copyright. So even though Im pretty sure no one will want to steal my work... I wont be writing my book on some site on the internet. It would really suck to find that your idea was good enough for some desperado to take hold of.... suddenly you can buy YOUR story for $ when you havent even been rejected by a publishing house yet.

Ive been far too cautious (yeah quieten down the guffaws) in my life and Ive decided that in my novel I wont be cautious at all. So watch out. Is there a chance I will hurt someone's feelings or get a kick in the head? well not from any one new .... ok?

Ive hesitated in the past because I want to write about issues that have been raised in my life but didnt want to offend or put people off (more laughing from the peanut gallery?) but then it occurred to me (yep... Im a bit dim sometimes) that while I might make some comment about my life... there is no reason NOT to enjoy poetic license and write about whatever I damn well please. Who says it has to be memory by memory .... the more I think about the possibilities, the freedom, of writing.... well Im a person of extreme behaviours so who knows what will happen. I could pad my life story a little or create characters that arent one bit like the real people in my story.

The first thing is to write a plan. And my first hurdle there really is.... in what "person" am I writing this? ok Im off to ponder and do some research.

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