06 November 2008

What are you doing this week?

My list:

1. the love of my life has a bit of a family crisis.... so lots of energy into all good thoughts & prayers.

2. trying out sashing for Christmas table runner ready for quilting - this one is going to charity.

3. basting Samuel's brick wall single bed quilt.

4. getting onto the healthy trail. This one is easy because fruit and salad is easy if you have a pile of hand quilting to do.... honestly housework and eating just gets in the way of my two passions.... can only talk about the fabric passion here LOL. Im pretty sure I have to tick a special box if I feel the need to discuss the other... oh you love it!

5. cutting out more blocks for another quilt for Samuel.

6. collecting fabrics and sketches for a couple of art quilts Ive in mind.

7. have to get latest photos onto CD ... chemist here I come.

Oh yes... and plenty of singing, dancing, acting the clown, play doh and drawing and stickers with my bubby. Such a joyous time.... well compared to 14 yrs of age when all that is required is money and understanding. A little short of both most of the time. God help me when it turns to 16, 17, etc.

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