03 December 2008

Getting supplies....

It is really really hard to juggle 2 teens who never want to go anywhere... and a 3 yr old who hates shopping. Throw in that a bus ride there and back would be fine except for the 3 hours in between.

I cant even find a shop here in this town that sells a spool of thread let along a length of ribbon or some fabric. It is such a pain that the big shops get all the best deals on buying a million yards of fabric but then they dont both helping out a smaller shop so we can buy. AND I tried to buy online and it was going to take me two weeks to even see what I bought! amazing.

Hopefully today is nearly the last time I go on the bus and struggle with Sam for 3 hours. I need to match shades of fabric. I cant just buy online.

How is that printer ink going? Does it surprise anyone that I can buy an entire printer for the cost of two cartridges? it is madness.

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