04 December 2008

Thanks to my sister ..... well too many things to mention.... but one thing ..... I searched, located and downloaded for free the entire user manual for this machine.

She let me know that these sewing machines are still being sold and now Ive found the manual. I feel so sure that buying it (I use that term loosely because our dad can be very generous) is going to be absolutely the right thing to do.

It has a great big table that it sits "in".... you can make a tent or a blouse or mmm..... oh yeah QUILTS

AND I should have so found the manual to my current singer... because if I adjust the foot tension on the top of the machine I can machine quilt ..... omg Im such a silly.

Yes yes I dont like machine quilting..... but there are times when it is great..... like table runners. It is only the ones that are possibly going to be family heirlooms that I love to hand quilt.

OK well ... a marriage proposal would be handy and then my life would be perfect !

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