07 December 2008

Obama quilt.... its drawn.... on paper... now for fibre!!

Im ready to put fibre to background fabric now. Ive drawn the pictures and Ive got the layout.

Im curling the lower edge corners and underneath will show the Kenya and Kansas flags. I feel this will give credit to Mr Obama's parents homelands in a significant way.

The lion, elephant, wheat, paddle steamer wheel, sunflowers, bald eagle.... are all in subtle frames. Im still working on how to suggest frames while still keeping the piece bascially a picture of all the natural elements that have blended to make the man.

Inside the fields (under the rising sun - reference to Obama's campaign logo) Im sewing in invisible thread 3 memorable references. Jefferson's "all men are created equal", King's "content of one's character" and Obama's "yes we can".

I havent seen ANY pictures referring to Kansas (his mother) or Kenya (his father)... I hope that my quilt wont be excluded because it isnt a 60 inch square of his face.

My whole family is eating, sleeping, working, walking, this quilt.

I hope it gets finished. INSIDE my head is the easy bit.

Thank you to all my friends who have donated bits and pieces of fabric... for all the colors in it. You will be on the quilt label ... so we are all in this together.

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