04 January 2011


I just must not add to the list of things to try, do, make, investigate.... except that through the sketchbook challenge Ive discovered Zentangles and Im fascinated with people's ability to bring out 3D perception.

My process :

1.  Take a look around the web.  There is a website. If you look through for some archive material... you will find newsletters with patterns and examples.  Really nice sharing.
   Gosh it just keeps getting better... take a look at this website to see some instant beautiful zentangles
2.  Take a tour of "Discover how to draw dot com"... I really need help "seeing" 3D and working on my shading.
3. Practice (Im off doing this)
4. Cut out some white card 3 1/2 inch square.
5.  Take a black pen.  Relax and doodle.
6.  Post some photos and swap and share
[Very much my first attempts at this fascinating style - try it you will be great !]

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