11 September 2011

RIP innocents of 9/11 God bless your families

I failed in an attempt to create an art piece with the theme we will always remember the victims of 9/11.
I will never forget families and faces and phone calls Ive watched. I will never forget feeling panic and crying for hours for fellow human beings as I watched the planes hit the towers. But even ten years on the multiplicity of emotion runs too high for me to hone in on one sufficient remembrance concept. It seems I want to remember the outrage so strongly that to try and find a way to remember the innocents fades to a point where I cant find it.
Man's inhumanity to man begins with one man. And how impossible it is to pinpoint the first wrong. I felt there was no beginning or end this event was a terrifying event in a long chain of events.
So in remembering the people who suffered the horror, and in sympathy for the families left behind forever destroyed... all I can give is my promise to try and be kind and honest with my fellow man. Man's decency to another man begins with one.

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