25 October 2011

Im working on 3 commissioned quilts at the moment.  It is a lot easier to keep fresh when I can complete step 1, 2, 3 etc on each quilt.  It keeps them moving along and Im really excited now Ive found a good system.  I think I will be able to solve problems and keep working to a much quicker finish this way.

The top set of fabrics have many jungle animals on them and it a boys quilt.  The second photo is a stack of pretty dresses... this quilt is for a girl!!!  The third quilt Im not photographing but it is for a teen.

One of the boy's shirts has a round motif... so circles it is.  The girl's dresses are really pretty and there are plenty of flowers.... so a little house in a beautiful garden will fit beautifully with the colors which are really bright with lots of pink. 

I was never worried about making memory quilts.  For the most part, the customer hands you the inspiration.  They are giving you colors and designs that they love... so you cant go wrong there.  And so far there has always been an obvious shape or colorway that just kicks off the creative process.

How lucky am I to be able to start a little business doing something that is really challenging each time... plus it is really enjoyable.

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