24 October 2011


My first memory quilt stack of fabrics featured delightful Red Riding Hood, Christmas deer and trees, Babushka and a lovely piece that looked like some Dutch dolls with a lovely tree.  Cute pink ducks and some tiny bright animal print too.  The colors that stood out were green, red, pink and teal.

The frist challenge was to decide if the red/green Christmas fabric could work at all with the pinks, one of which was really kind of peach.  At first I thought I might do one side Christmas and one side pink / teal (bluish).  But eventually a color wheel program showed me how they could all work together.

Another challenge was the different sized motifs that featured on the fabrics.  Some were quite large, and the Red Riding Hood motifs were tiny ... and Ive loved the story since childhood so this was disappointing on more than one level.  What to do.  I had an odd number of Dutch people and too few Babushkas.

It all came together with the colur wheel and the epiphany... that Red Riding Hood could cope with a little of the Christmas red around her piece.  So as crazy as it sounds.... it was the red that saved the pink!

Beautifully simple white on white and red on red floral fabrics meant I could have a rich white and that the red used as a feature between the Babushka and on the sleigh gave these pieces interest and depth.

I hope the customer enjoys this quilt design.  It took me ages and ages to relax and read what it was telling me.  But once I saw it... it only took me two days to put together.  It took two dedicated days to machine quilt and two days to bind.

Mind you.... 4 kids call on me whenever they like for all kinds of things... no matter how hard I try to just sew.

Ive learned so much.  Keep it simple, dont over work it.  Know when to stop.  How to save the colour wheel program so I can get around challenging colour mixes.

Im thrilled to move on to the next 3 quilts but Im kind of sad I dont have red/pink with me any longer.

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