04 November 2011

It isnt starched or blocked... but I really loved the work straight off the hook and had to share....
 I like picot instead of just plain chain.  And I like this Round 7 :

Round 7: 1 sc in ch 2 space directly below (working over the sl st you just made),
*ch 6, into next ch 10 space work 6 sc, 4 picot, 6 sc, ch 6, into next ch 2 sp work (1 sc, ch 3, 2 dc), (5 picot) 3 times, sl stitch into base of first picot, back into same ch 2 sp work (3 dc, sl stitch):

repeat from * around, sl stitch into 1st sc, bind off.

Link here to a very kind lady sharing a wonderful snowflake crocheted for Christmas

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