18 November 2011

MEMORY QUILT - little girl's pretty dresses

When I received these dresses in the mail I instantly thought of pretty shops with beautiful awnings and flowers and colourful girls with parasols

But .....

So often - when I put pen to paper, to draw up the pattern, I get dissatisfied with the first thought.

And so this collection of pretty colours is working its way into an art quilt.  To one side is the lower part of a nice looking tree.... that accommodates a stylish resident in its base.  The pockets from one of the dresses are toadstool caps and a fairy sits on one.....  towards the centre of the picture a bent Dandelion stalk holds a fairy swing.

I bought from USA some gorgeous colourful fabric squares that are now the colour wash background of this piece.

It has taken ages.... and there is still much embroidery to complete.  But I think the customer will love it.

What happened to the shops?  Well I didnt think that they worked in with a child and growing up all that well.  I much prefer how the fairy picture works for girls of all ages.... and there is a kind of Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree connection.... as it is one of my favourite books and it has always fitted in beautifully with my fascination with trees.

So.. Ive given myself 3 days to finish it.  We will see!!!

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