19 November 2011

MEMORY QUILT - boy's quilt... animals animals everywhere

I received in the post some little man's t-shirts and grow suits and a flannelette wrap.  Luckily in my stash is plenty of animal fabrics... for front and matching for the back.... so I decided on a matching set.... too easy.

Unfortunately the animal repeats in my fabric were very close together... but I think Ive fussy cut them out nearly ok... didnt chop too much off.  And I put the larger animals in squares mixed in with squares from the baby clothes.  Lovely!  I was careful to collect the wonderful pictures from the t-shirts and even saved a couple of signature pics... there is a wonderful ant !

I didnt want to lose too much of the baby clothes so its piano keys around the centre piece.... broken up with solid colours that match those in the fabrics.

Ive been a bit disappointed in how people quilt quilts.... anyhow after much searching Ive decided to put together a line of animals and hand quilt them ..... this will quilt the fabric nicely and it wont be a boring "in the ditch" design but a meaningful quilting pattern.

Ive just made plastic stencils of the animals... I draw around them with a wash out marker... and away I go.  Animals hiden inside the animal mix of the quilt.

quilting and binding!  post out tomorrow?    fingers busy (instead of crossed LOL)

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