25 November 2011

Enjoyed a wonderful morning with a dear friend today.

Worked a little in the garden, some sewing and lots of dishes and washing.  We are going to have so many tomatoes!!!  I will miss snowpeas... wow they have been yummy.  I think any legume plant is good for the soil so I will just let the plant die and fall into the soil.  I cant remember what else Ive put in but Im sure there are chilli and onion and pumpkin and flowers in there somewhere !

All just ordinary stuff but two quilts will be finished any time now and it feels so great!!!  And getting the house organised ready to put in lots of Christmas decorations and of course fans!!!   'cause the heat is coming isnt it?

Finally the school exams are over, Charlie is in VCE yay.

Really tired and really looking forward to the weekend.

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