14 August 2012

Im not Wonder Woman

Most of the time it is quite fun to juggle house, family and work.  I really enjoy taking a break from sewing and getting into the shed and helping make the frames for my dress screens.

But then days like today come.  When the house is a total mess.  Peter is sick.  Work is piling up and I sleep in really really late.  Every room of the house looks like the morning after a huge party.  Screens need sanding and varnishing.  Quilts need sewing.  And where is my fabric from USA?  OMG please let that at least show up today.  It is needed for a birthday party in 10 days.

Once upon a time a day like today would send me to tears but not anymore.  First of all I make a coffee and have a long hot shower.  My rule number one these days is look after me first.  Not to be selfish but once the ball starts rolling I may never see the inside of a shower!!!!  and the pressures are much easier to cope with and keep in perspective if your hair is clean and you smell nice.  The coffee part is selfish I guess.

And now Ive been taken care of I will just go through the list of jobs from top to bottom.  It really doesnt matter what gets done first.  I will stop to sew for 3 hours during the day.  This quilt just has to go off to its owner.  Apart from being pulled in too many directions, a common problem for all of us... Ive nothing to complain about.  It's gonna be a great day after all!!!!!

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