21 September 2012

well I got ahead of  myself and all that list of things are NOT finished and my in tray on my desk is over flowing and I am just putting it all into a plastic tub to keep the fabrics nice!!!  Gosh I must have had a little too much wine that day thinking I could get everything made PLUS the screens.

The African animal screen in at the bazaar and looks amazing even if I do say so myself.  The pressure is on now to finish two children's screen ... one for a boy and one that any kid would love...

Im so excited it is easy to grab 4 or 5 hours sleep and then get going again.... Im so blessed to be able to make things that I like and not have to just sew people's alterations.... although Im grateful for that work.

It's end of term... gotta run and get my boy... early school out today!

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