18 October 2012

A man Ive known all my life has passed away after being terribly ill from working with asbestos many years ago.

You dont want to put private things all over the net... especially when the family is grieving.  But I just wanted to make a note here to remember him.

He was such a lovely man always eager to smile and say hello.  He and his family were very kind to me.  Such a support when we four lost our mum... wow... nearly 20 years ago now. 

I didnt know a lot about him really when it comes right down to it I guess we werent great great friends... except that he lived a life of love and service and that ripple effect that comes from people like him... well it surrounds you and holds you and washes over you.... and in a way you are left feeling like you really do know each other.

I believe in God and the new earth and the resurrection and I believe I will see this man again.  So for me at least... it is ... "See you soon.  I hope it is sooner rather than later.  You will be missed."

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