07 October 2012

"an impossible marriage"

The book begins with Christine dreading a visit with an old girl friend she hasnt seen for a long time.  I think many of us can relate ... dreading a little bit seeing someone who might make us feel we need to give account for how our life worked out.  Decisions and actions that seemed logical to us at the time might not seem acceptable to another person who knows part of the story, some of the people, and who will judge us.

Christine takes us back to when she was a single young woman, working, and begins to tell her story.  I guess working through people and events that brought her to where she met Ned.  She falls in love with Ned who is an older man.  They marry and have one son, Mark.  They fall out of love.  I think it is an interesting part of the story that Ned wouldnt give Christine a divorce.  And then suddenly (you have to wait till the end for an explanation) Ned gives in and consents to a divorce.

At the end of the book we are privy to Christine's visit with her friend Iris.  At this visit Iris gives Christine the reason for Ned suddenly changing his mind and consenting to divorce.

Dont you hate it when a "girl friend" has the inside gossip on why your marriage was dismantled?

I didnt mind this book.  I would have liked more of it to be about the life Christine and Ned had together.  The story moved along nicely, it wasnt boring.  I finished the book feeling like I knew the main characters quite well - even though it isnt a very long story.  For me living in 2012 it gave some insights into how people thought and lived at the time of the story.  It was first published in 1954 as far as I can tell.

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