18 December 2012

**Newspapers today in Australia are making the assumption that President Obama will change gun laws in USA.  He would have to wouldnt he?  The National Rifle whoever in USA have blood on their hands.  They are getting the blame anyhow for the lax gun ownership laws.

**Oh dear human's are so predictable when it comes to things like religion.  People coming to my door trying to convince me that it matters in the least to God whether I celebrate Christmas or not.  Honestly people take the time to love each other and leave it be.  We are STILL competing, trying to get a vote in with God on how we worship Him.  Seems we havent learnt much at all since 2000 years ago.  If we love each other and are trustworthy, honest and giving.... sharing hope with everyone..... what more important way of worship could there possibly be?

**Well it's week two of working in a take away shop and I have to say my shoulder and pain coming down into my elbow is making life difficult.  But a job is a job.

**In exactly 3 weeks Im applying for a different rental property.  Peter can be in or out.... Im out of here.

**I have to get back to sewing.  Im very very sad that mostly Ive been cleaning and housekeeping through my days and trying to physically recover at all other times.

**Summer stock is going on sale in a lot of big stores.  We havent even finished the first month of summer yet.  It just gets worse doesnt it?

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