07 February 2013

I wonder what "it" is.... what a young person can have in his/her mind / makeup / life : one young person is highly motivated and another isnt.  The theorists say we are brought up by the combo of nature and nurture.  Sometimes if I wonder if nature will always win through regardless of the nurture.  I really really wanted my children to be more self driven than this.

Finally all our stuff is here from the old house and it shouldnt take long to put it all away.  The good thing is a beautiful shady tree out the back ... as well as a great big table.  So sorting and packing or putting away is easy.

I am so looking forward to being able to sit and crochet / knit / read really soon.  It has been quite a busy two months and I havent made anything at all.  Im just not happy.

OMG the computer table is sticky..... I share my computer with my 7 year old LOL and everything is always sticky!!!

Peter is loving and kind and we are getting along great at the moment.  It is really nice to have someone wake up in the morning and search out your hand so they can hold it.

Ive too much to do to make a "to do" list.  Ha ha.... I might wait until next week.

One thing though.... it is Valentine's Day soon.  I love it!


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