11 February 2013

Today is the very first day that Samuel is at school... and Im free to sort out my sewing haven in the back of the garage.

Im lucky that it is steel and has a very high roof line internally..... there arent too many spider webs and someone has generously left very nice and very comfy to walk on.... carpeting inside.  My sewing table is in place.... but Ive got a fridge and a few boxes in my way.  I want my desk and a cutting table and a sewing table AND my ironing board all just in the right place.... I havent sewn anything for weeks and I dont mind the hard work to rearrange the shed.... if it means I can get back to it.

Samuel is loving school.... and the weather is warm and the beach is calling.  A lovely week ahead!.

Im so blessed.  Everything is falling into place for us.

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