07 March 2013

Had a few minutes... before work and before having to break up another argument between the kids.... to pull out this pattern and order the yarn.  Im going to make it in yarn from Bendigo Wool Mill and the main colour is a beautiful red... a colour that I love wearing.

Very tired of this heat but mowed a little bit of lawn and raked up bags and bags of old grass and old fruit from under the trees out in the back yard.

Im going off to work again hoping that the teens keep their temper and look after my Samuel.  I have no problem working but it is hard to think that teenagers are looking after / not taking care of my boy.  He is still young and is showing some signs of being left alone too much.  I know many of us were left with people back when our own parents were working.... it's usual.... but it's still hard.

MRI all clear but now going for fasting blood tests and abdominal xrays.  I just really dont want to know.  If the MRI doesnt show anything sinister.... do I really need to know?

I need courage!!!

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