19 June 2013

I walked back from Sam's school this morning.  He is really upset that he doesnt do well with his writing.  He has been really sick with the flu and chest infection and today he really didnt want to go to school.  But he is there.  Had a really great talk with the student welfare teacher.  All the kids and all the teachers are great.  Hope this gets resolved.  Ive asked that he is given writing work sheets that he can finish.  He gets upset when all the other kids finish writing tasks and he doesnt.  The teacher hasnt responded to my requests before.  I hope she tries it this time.  I cant be dragging him to school every morning.  He has a right to a happy primary school day.

Ive been working on  my first hook book for sale.  Its ok.  The pages inside are beautiful.... but I am going to undo the ouside cover and redo.  I can make it look sensational and then I will be happy to sell it.

Dishes, guinea pigs and sewing.... mmmmmm..... well I will fix up the animals but then Im going to leave the dishes and go sew.  Other wise it just never happens.

A beautiful sunny day here with intense clear blue sky.  Thank you God.  I just cant handle another rainy day.

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