08 June 2013

Just wanted to quickly (I should be doing dishes... the ONE thing I was obviously born to do)..... jot down that Im having second and third thoughts of what I should be doing.  This is all about work and what work makes me the most money vs the effort (ie tiredness so that I can DO what I love and COPE with the family)

I currently work:

takeaway shifts anywhere between 9 and 22 hours a week -  fluctuation hurts household budget sometimes

I clean for a mum

I clean for one man 3 hours a fortnight and one woman 2 hours a fortnight.  You wouldnt think that that would be too much....

Ive sold a screen and really really really want to put all my energy into building my business.

I really have to decide what to spend my time on.  I dont want my business to go through another year and have a zero business account bank balance.

I think I might have to save up and then hold my breath, give up all work, and just jump into my business.

Can I ever afford to do that?

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