09 April 2015

This week... packing a lot in!!!

School holidays are going along very quickly with not too much drama.  But to be honest I think Samuel will be glad to see Monday come along.  It was too cold at the skate park yesterday to really have much fun... and he had a big spill and hurt his hip and elbow.  Im sure it always hurts more when you are really really skinny AND its cold AND you are hitting cold concrete.

Sewing group items are coming along.  And it's working out ok timewise with my other sewing.  It seems the more time I organise and cut out for the up coming launch, the more cutting out I get done for my own business.

Time is what Im short of.  Well money too.  But that is a constant isnt it?  Particularly because Ive put everything into getting into my sewing business.  We are ok.  Just cruising.  Thomas has his $300 computer upgrade and plenty of clothes.  I need to spend some more time with him.... but when Samuel is back at school it will be easier.  The bills are paid.  The laptop was a luxury but the older ones are using it for school A LOT so that's great.  Any attention to learning is a bonus.

Im making bunting, aprons, doll quilts, a cushion.... what else?  for the launch.  Ive written to the local paper.  I will walk around the streets soon and get posters up in the shops.  I hope heaps of people come.

Im nearly there.... getting used to going to bed around 9.30pm and up at 4 am with Peter.  I get really tired by the end of the day but Im pushing through and getting heaps done.  The house looks a lot better and Im getting home made things cooked to save money and keep us healthy I hope.

Peter goes off to QLD for a holiday in just over a week.  He will be gone 3 weeks.

Charlotte took some lovely photos the other day.  She helped me at the beach house.

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