12 April 2015

Going to bed.

It's nearly two hours to the minute since Samuel first got into bed.

In these two hours there has been fun and games, eating and drinking, throwing up, sucking on Tums.  My stomach hurts from the frustration of telling someone to get into bed, who I know isnt listening.

And I ponder that while Im taking my mind away from the situation.  The "isnt listening" part.  Because if he isnt listening... then why am I speaking?  Instead of asking him to get into the car in the mornings, perhaps I should just get everything into the car and then turn it over.  Do up my seat belt and hope he makes the connection.  Even though that sounds absolutely crazy... honestly speaking is sensory overload for me!!  Because Im the only one listening and responding... with so much stomach acid Im sure to get a stomach ulcer.  Or perhaps my head will finally explode like the muppet chef.

And yet... if I practise not speaking... then will he be learning to hear less and less?

Tomorrow it is the first day back at school and Im already in a panic because he says he is no good at school and he doesnt like school and he isnt going.

I really dont know.

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